Custom Research

We provide customize research for our clients with our strong database. We can provide reports and research to meet your goals.

Organization Charts

Accurate Org Charts give you real-time information on how top-tech companies structure Tech Giants and Startups. In our Org Charts, we feature all the R&D teams from C to C-3 levels at 30 top tech companies in the US. They also allow you to study how your competitors build, distribute and develop their R&D force, and search for potential team leaders or tech talents in an efficient way.

We include the following information for each team in the Org Charts:
  • The name and function for each team
  • The name and title of team leader
  • Email, phone and location of team leader
  • Reporting lines
  • Headcounts (L6/T6/E6 and above levels)
  • Talent follows (monthly hiring and leaving)
  • Talents who are open to opportunities
The org charts and data are updated monthly. Org charts of more tech companies will be added gradually.

Talent Insights

We provide a wealth of talent data, dashboards, and talent analytics to help you make better-informed recruitment and organizational development decisions, alongside offering a comprehensive range of tailored consultancy services to various tech companies worldwide.

Talent Intelligence and Dashboards from 500K Tech Talents

OCInsights maintains a resume pool of 50K+ senior tech talents. We regularly track headcounts, openings, new hires, retentions, and turnovers of 30 tech leaders in the US. We collect talent intelligence via multiple sources, conduct in-depth analysis from the perspectives of HR professionals, and generate valuable insights for our customers.

Insights from A Pool of 500K+ Senior Tech Talents

Our talent insights serve a community of 500K+ professionals constituted by managers or HRs in US tech firms. The contents include but are not limited to…
  • Headcount trend of each tech companies
  • Headcount distribution (function/location) for each company
  • Turnover rate and external hiring rate by company
  • Ratio of talents who are open to opportunities by company
  • Which teams are gaining and losing talents for each tech firm
  • Which roles are the high-potential talents leaving in each company

Customized Market Research

As a part of our ad-hoc project services, we offer talent intelligence, talent mapping, and customized personnel insights tailored to your industries. (need to change)

Compensation Research

We evaluate roles systematically for competitiveness, talent attraction, budgeting, and profitability, ensuring market relevance and employee satisfaction.

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