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AI Recruiting Tools
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Org Charts, Insights &
AI Recruiting Tools
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AI Recruiting Tools

The most open-to-opportunity talents, powerful AutoConnect function, AI-based recommendations and unique search filters speed up your hiring 10 times faster

360 Sourcing Partner

Our recruiting partners will reach out to talents who you are going to hire via all possible approaches (email, phone, LinkedIn and social medias) to help you connect with new recruits.

Contact Info Search

You can search for contact information of almost any talent on LinkedIn. We report their emails and phone numbers with at least 80% accuracy.

Organization Charts

Our Org Charts give you real-time information on how top-tech companies structure their companies.

Talent Insights

A wealth of talent data, dashboards, and talent analytics help you make better-informed recruitment and organizational development decisions.

Customized Consulting

As a part of our ad-hoc project services, we offer talent intelligence, talent mapping, and customized personnel insights tailored to your industries.

The Largest Open-to-opportunity Talent Pool in Tech Industry

OCInsights gives you the ability to understand how tech giants and fast-growing startups structure their organizations, recruit and grow. Our customized consulting services enable our clients to meet their organization’s research and recruitment needs

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High-quality Org Charts And HR Intelligence Make You Know Competition Better

By utilizing the OCInsights platform, you will have the ability to understand how the tech giants and fast-growing startups structure their organizations, recruit and grow. We also provide customized consulting services to meet our customer’s specific organization research and recruiting needs


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