From Recruitment to Retention:
The Importance of Quality Hiring

Your company is just as strong as the employees who keep you running.

With some job training taking several weeks or several months, you can’t afford to train and retrain new hires.

From the beginning of the recruitment process, see if the job candidates have a solid track record with their previous employers by looking at their resumes in order to see if they have company loyalty. By looking at the resumes of the job candidates, you can clearly see if they have longevity with their previous employers. If they have gone from job to job, how is the job they are applying for going to be different? Try to hire candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to their jobs and have the ability to stay on course.

The same mentality applies to employee retention: if managers know how to assign employees to the right jobs and give them the right projects, employees will be engaged, productive, and eager to work for the company and their supervisor. In doing so the employee will want to become a team player and begin to have ownership over their work. This passion will be spread over every aspect of their job and will push them to work harder than those who are looking forward to going home at the end of the day.

Once you identify clients, make sure to tell the candidate the value and purpose of your organization, how it will benefit them, and even more importantly, how the business plays a meaningful role in society and improves the lives of others. By allowing them to perform a role that has meaning, it will provide an ongoing sense of satisfaction that they are not just showing up each day to make money. Instead, they are playing a role in doing something meaningful with their lives. Millennials and Gen-Z workers, for example, prioritize job satisfaction over money, benefits, and perks, and this plays a large role in retention for a business. Ultimately, this highlights that recruiting is more than a job offer, it is an invitation to be apart of something greater than themselves.

Furthermore, understanding this idea that certain demographics or groups typically are interested in different incentives allows you to strategize not only an employees’ compensation, but the way you approach them as well. As such, generational tags as a metric to segment employees is an oversimplified method, but it is very useful when applied to employee characterization. The mission of the company should instead be clearly communicated to employees, and employees should align their work with the mission of the organization. Ultimately, if you embrace and reward this way of thinking amongst your employees, it will create greater retention on their part.

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